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PED, pressure equipment : design and manufacturing

PED 2014/68/CE applies to all pressure equipment (boilers, tanks, piping, pressure accessories, safety equipment) having a pressure higher than 0,5 bar.

Pressure equipment are classified in 4 categories (I to IV) according to fluid type (gas or liquid, group 1 or 2 ), capacity and maximum pressure. 

Energy inside those pressure equipment is very important and could, in case of failure of the pressure vessel (corrosion, impact,…), cause equipment destruction with gas or toxic vapors leakage.

We can find a lot of pressure equipment in Industry and they are representing a critical item.

PED 2014/68/CE regulates design, manufacturing and tests (radio, dye penetrant test,…) of pressure equipment to be certified by a Notified Body (TÜV).

LABBE : Pressure equipment manufacturer

Labbe manufacture pressure equipment according to applicable construction codes (CODAP, EN13445, ASME,..) :

Labbe is TÜV certified for PED equipment manufacturing and will supply with your equipment a complete technical file:

  • PQR,
  • WPS,
  • WPQ,
  • mechanical calculation note,
  • drawing, material certification,
  • mandatory controls, …

We invite you to chat with our experts about our pressure equipments either via our online chat or via our form.

Also, we have put at your disposal a section “Price request” to make your price request directly online.

You can contact us at +33 (0)1 64 42 53 53 for any information on pressure equipment.

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