Finned tubes exchangers- Economizers Ecofinex®

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Finned tubes exchangers – Economizers Ecofinex®

Labbe Process Equipment proposes a range of finned tubes exchangers-Economizers Ecofinex®.
Minimizing energy consumption is today a financial and environmental aspect in all industries.

In order to improve energy efficiency, Labbe has developed economizers which recover energy from flue gases. Economizers (tubular fins heat exchangers) can be installed in all industries which produce flue gases, boilers, furnaces, steam boilers, industrial cogeneration plants in order to increase your efficiency by recovering energy from the flue gases.

The target of the economizer Labbe Process Equipment is to recover energy from flue gases:
Investment with short pay-back period
Easy integration in existing units
Used for fuel gas and fuel oil combustion
Increase of unit efficiency
Finned tubes economizers are compact equipment with high heat exchange area.

Terms of use and construction code

– Maximum pressure : 40 bar (contact us for superior pressure)
– Maximum temperature : 400°C

– CE marking according to European norms (DESP 2014/68/UE)

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– Stainless Steel
– Nickel Alloys
– Duplex (UB6, Hastelloy)

Economizers (tubular fins heat exchangers) can be installed in all industries :
Producer of flue gases
Steam boilers
Industrial cogeneration
The economizers Labbe Ecofinex® permits you to increase your efficiency.


Labbe Process Equipment economizers include tubes in which the fluid such as water is circulating. The gas is circulating outside the tubes (flue gases, gaseous effluent). Outside area of the tubes is covered by fins in order to increase thermal exchange.

Labbe can calculates and designs our finned tubes exchangers based on your needs and constraints :
Maximum weight
Flow, temperature and characteristics of fumes / gaseous effluents
Loss of charge
Space available

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