Month: November 2017

Chaudronnerie Inox et alliages nickel

PED, Labbe : pressure equipment specialist

PED, pressure equipment : design and manufacturing PED 2014/68/CE applies to all pressure equipment (boilers, tanks, piping, pressure accessories, safety equipment) having a pressure higher than 0,5 bar. Pressure equipment are classified in 4 categories (I to IV) according to fluid type (gas or liquid, group 1 or 2 ), capacity and maximum pressure.  Energy inside those pressure equipment is very important and could,…
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Pillow plates Labbe

Labbe design and manufacture pillow plates with laser welding technology. Labbe manufacture vessels, reactors and heat exchangers with pillow plates for many applications: milk, water, winery and any kind of liquid, as well as agro-industry, chemistry, pharmaceutical  or paper industry. Labbe, pillow plates manufacturer. Labbe design and manufacture heat exchange equipments : pillow plate tank, welded plates heat…
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Heat exchanger Compalex®

Labbe Process Equipment, your manufacturer of heat exchanger compalex® Welded plates heat exchanger Compalex® proposed by Labbe have high thermal performances with optimized product flow velocity, minimized pressure drop and reduced space area. For example, welded plates condensers Compalex® are used to condensate vapors thanks to water or cooling medium going through the plates.     Technical specifications of COMPALEX NEU…
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