Chaudronnerie Inox et alliages nickel

Our quality management

Labbe’s quality management system is certified in compliance with ISO 9001 since 1993. Labbe Process Equipment has established a long term partnership with notified bodies as:
TÜV, APAVE, ASAP, UDT, ASIT, Rostechnadzor

As a real partner, the company Labbe advises and works with its customers from the very first stage of a project up to the supervision site. Labbe’s human and technical development offers you a unique know-how.

Also, we are an eco-friendly company, which recycles metal and waste. Its pickling area meets the requisitions of the environmental standards.

Its values, inherited from the experience of three generations, offer to its customers the best technical and commercial service.

In addition, our stock of 1.000 tons of stainless steel plates comes exclusively from European factories. Also, the 4 spans of 15.000 m² and the machine park allow us the internal control of all the manufacturing phases:

flow and cutting (laser, submerged plasma, HP plasma, water jet, saw, guillotine),
transformation (machining CN, rolling, bending, dished head forming, and CN folding),
assembly, manual and automatic welding, regulatory inspections, finishing (polishing, pickling and passivation).

Also, we guarantee quality, traceability and the shortest delivery times of our process equipment.

Our facilities

In order to guarantee our quality, our company also meets the requirements of international standards such as: PED 2014/68/CE, AD-Merkblatt, GOST R, UDT, ISCIR, SQL, SVTI, EN13445.

Conception according to the industrial agreements and certifications: EN13445, CODAP, CODETI, AD-MERKBLATTER, ASME, TEMA, RCCM… This ligitimates our quality promise.

Labbe has supplied the best quality products to international industries, for more than 70 years, reaching a leader position in its field. Labbe Process Equipment manufactures high quality pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchangers and columns.

All of them are made of stainless steel and nickel alloy for the chemical, food, petrochemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and energy industries.

Also, the company Labbe Process Equipment is ISO 9001 certified since 1993.