Storage tank

Chaudronnerie Inox et alliages nickel

Storage tank

Storage tank is an equipment tailor made designed and manufactured within Labbe workshop. Wecan propose you : simple jacket storage tanks or double jacket storage tanks.

The company Labbe proposes storage solutions for any liquid chemical product, solid or gaseous, corrosive or not. Manufactured according to your process needs, storage tank enable to store and contain corrosive products in security.

The tanks are made in :
– Stainless Steel 304l, 316L, 316Ti, 321, 310S,
– Duplex U45N, U35N,
– Uranus B6,
– Nickel Alloy C22, C276, C2000

Also, for some specific applications, Labbe proposes Inconel, Monel and titanium material.

Storage tank is an atmospheric tank usually with a small thickness, contrary to pressure vessel. Labbe proposes all finishing types (polishing, electro polishing) for your different applications: food storage, chemical storage, pharmaceutical storage…

Labbe Process Equipment answers to all of your industrial constraints offering you storage tanks according to your regulations : ATEX, SEVESO, FDA, and ANIA.

Double jacket storage tank

The double jacket storage tanks are used to store aggressive liquids like ferric chloride, sodium hydroxide, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid…

Double jacket tanks are made like other tanks: a shell, two tank heads (dished heads, conical heads or plate heads), a support system (console, legs, cradles). In addition there is adouble jacket which envelops the tank. The double jacket can be partial: a head and a shell or complete of: 2 heads and a shell.

The need of a double wall is defined according to your chemical product. For example, for the water storage, no retention is necessary. For the sulfuric acid or ferric chloride, a double wall tank is imperative.

Simple jacket storage tank

Simple jacket storage tanks are used for non dangerous and non corrosive liquids storage.

For some of your products wich crystallize at low temperatures, Labbe can propose storage tanks equipped with a heating system: either by pin or thermoplates.

Insulated storage tanks

Labbe Process Equipment can propose the thermal insulation of your storage tanks: either an insulation with a waterproof welded stainless steel coating or an insulation with a riveted aluminum sheet (isoxal type) coating.
The insulation of tanks is possible on any kind of tanks, whether for double jacket tanks or single jacket tanks. It can be complete or partial and adapted to all type of heads (conical, flat and dished heads).

Your tailor made tank storage

All our tanks are entirely tailor made manufactured (type, dimensions, nozzles, form, agitation, insulation) with the shortest delivery time.

Our tanks are reliable and can be used during many year, as your satisfaction is our biggest incentive.