Shell & tubes heat exchangers

Chaudronnerie Inox et alliages nickel

Shell and tubes heat exchangers

Shell & tubes heat exchangers are a specialty of Labbe Process Equipment.
Indeed for more than 70 years, Labbe has been designing and manufacturing shell and tubes heat exchangers in stainless steel and nickel alloy.

Also, tubular exchangers are realized for various applications:
condenser, boiler, cooler, heater, evaporator, crystallizer

Also, the tubular exchangers designed and manufactured by Labbe have high performances.

Thanks to its latest calculation software to design and to manufacture heat exchangers, Labbe offers the best technical solution with an optimal cost benefit ratio according to client needs and all international standards.

Labbe performs design of heat exchangers thanks to mechanical engineering and thermal design.

Labbe Process Equipment is the French specialist of shell & tubes heat exchangers:
Gas / gas heat exchanger
Liquid / Liquid heat exchanger
Liquid / Gas heat exchanger

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Technical capacities and materials of tubular heat exchangers

Maximum pressure : 40 bar (contact us for superior pressure)
Maximum temperature : 400°C (contact us for superior pressure)
CE marking according to European norms (DESP 2014/68/UE)

– Stainless Steel 304L, 316L, 316Ti, 321, 310S
– Duplex U45N, U35N
– Uranus B6
– Nickel Alloys C22, C276, C2000
– Incoloy