Chaudronnerie Inox et alliages nickel

Bending, Labbe Process Equipment expertise

Bending is is a mechanical process of profile distortion following a radius and an angle with a bender.

This is one of the many means of production that Labbe Process Equipment masters. Indeed, in order to offer you the best quality equipment and the shortest delivery time the boilermarker Labbe has a new industrial workshop of 15 000 m². This modern workshop is in France to manufacture high quality process equipement internally.

Consequently, Labbe Process Equipment ensures the design of your stainless steel, Duplex, nickel alloy as well as Hastelloy process equipment without any subcontracting.

Cropped Reacteur Coquille 1

Half pipe coil bending

Cropped Cintrage Serpentin 1

Internal coil bending

Cropped Cintrage 1

Flat bending