Chaudronnerie Inox et alliages nickel

Personal information sheet

Status: Simplified joint stock company. Registration number: 746 050 475 Company register: 74605047500035 Turnover (2014): 7.443 million (€). Net result (2014): 387 KE. Fields of activity: petrochemistry, chemistry, food industry, pharmacy, energy. Export areas: Europe, America, Russia, Africa. Certifications: ISO 9001 and AD 2000 Merkblatt HP0, IWE Location: The production site at Tournan, near Paris, has been chosen for its strategic location next to Marne la Vallée and its close links to the transport network (international train station and airports). Products: heat exchangers, reactors, columns, pressure vessels, storage tanks. Production tools: design office industrial workshop of 15 000 m² in France to manufacture high quality process equipement (stainless steel cutting, rolling, dished head, polishing, machining, pickling and passivation, welding, bending, polishing ). 1000 tons of stainless steel plates.

Batiment Labbe

Story of Labbe Process Equipment

The company Labbe was established in 1948 as its name indicates by Marcel Labbe, Boilermaker by profession. In 70 years, Labbe went from a small boilermaker’s workshop to an SME of 50 people selling process equipment weighing up to 130 tonnes worldwide. Labbe has 15,000 m2 of workshops and a design office, it designs, studies and manufactures equipment such as industrial reactors, columns, heat exchangers and pressure vessels made of stainless steel or nickel alloys for industrial sectors : food industry, chemistry, petrochemistry, pharmacy and nuclear. Labbe also performs thermal and hermodynamic design and mechanical dimensioning and construction draiwings. It has established itself in its market as a specialist in the design and manufacture of process equipment. Labbe Company has grown in a way of permanent adaptation to the new technologies and competencies development. Indeed, Labbe is at the forefront of technical innovation adapting it’s know how to markets needs. So in recent years Labbe has invested : 2008 : – new industrial workshop in Tournan en brie of 15.000 m² – 12 cranes able to lift 50 Tons – a pit of 6m diameter and 4,5m deep 2010 : – purchase of a new rolling machine 2011 : – purchase of two columns welding and boom 2012 : – purchase of a water jet and plasma cutting machines 2015 : – purchase of a new dished head machine 2016 : – new welding machine 2020 : – 4.0 factory


Our philosophy

A number of values ​​have been transmitted over three generations : – the pioneering spirit, like the great men of the 20th century who faced challenges to human and technological values -the priority given to person is reflected in a constant concern to bring staff to a level of competence -maintaining conception and production in France -strict compliance with anti-pollution standards and recycling of scrap metal

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More information on Labbe Process Equipment ? Contact Thomas Labbe : +33(0)1 64 42 54 00 t.labbe@labbe-france.fr