Food industry

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Labbe, your process equipment manufacturer dedicated to food industry

Food, a field of activity in which we intervene. Labbe Process Equipment is present in food industry since many years.

Indeed, thanks to a solid and recognized experience Labbe Process Equipment offers you its expertise in various fields of activity.

For many years we have been offering process equipment design solutions adapted to your requiements.
The design and manufacture of process equipment for food industry requires unique know-how. At Labbe Process Equipment, our specialists possess this know-how.

The regulation (EC) n°1935/2004 of 27 October 2004 specifies that materials and objects in contact with food must be inert regarding to foodstuffs.

As a result, food industry is very demanding in terms of finishing to ensure perfect hygiene and sterility.
The internal surfaces must be thoroughly polished. In order to this, Labbe has polishing technologies and processes enabliny to obtain an ideal surface statewith roughness equal to Ra=0.3 µm responding to hygien requirements.

Tailor made design for food industry

Labbe manufactures tailor made pressure vessels, agitated vessels and storage tanks with a cleaning in place device (CIP).

Labbe proposes heat exchangers for sugar industry, and more specifically precisely green juice heaters.
Regarding distillation, Labbe Process Equipment proposes complete units with columns, internals, shell and tubes heat exchangers and tanks according to the ATEX norms.

Equipment for food industry

Cropped Industrie Alimentaire Evaporateur Chaudronnerie Labbe


Labbe designs and manufactures falling film evaporators for food industry.

Cropped Industrie Alimentaire Cuve Inox Chaudronnerie Labbe 1

Mixing tank

Labbe proposes mixers and agitated tanks.

Cropped Industrie Alimentaire Pasteurisateur Chaudronnerie Labbe


Labbe can manufacture heat exchangers enabling the pasteurization of your products.

Cropped Industrie Alimentaire Cuve Sotckage Chaudronnerie Labbe


Labbe offers stainless steel tanks, CIP tanks, cyclones, fermenters which meet the requirements of your industrial environment.

Cropped Industrie Alimentaire Sterilisateur Chaudronnerie Labbe 1


Labbe Company is able to manufacture sterile tanks with an optimal quality level.