Purification column

Chaudronnerie Inox et alliages nickel

Design and manufacture of purification columns

Our team of experts can design and manufacture equipment involved in the biogas purification and CO2 purification process:
biogas washing and degassing column: purification of biogas through water washing
pressure swing absorption (PSA) absorption column
cryogenic distillation column for CO2 purification

Labbe offers its clients complete stainless steel and nickel alloy columns solutions with internals. We internally control all the stages of the packed and tray column creation. Thus, we take care of:
– Mechanical engineering,
– design
– manufacturing

Our goal is to ensure high-quality work within a controlled deadline.

Mini Colonne Biogaz

Labbe guides you throughout the design phase of your distillation, absorption, or washing column, offering you a wide range of internals according to your specifications, until the complete manufacture of your column.
Thanks to our experience in heat exchangers, we design the boilers and condensers associated with distillation columns.

Distillation columns are the most widely used separation units in the chemical industry. Additionally, their operation relies on different boiling temperatures of the compounds to be separated. Thus, rigorous design is necessary to obtain the desired degree of separation. The selection of trays, packing, type of feed, and reboiler is a key factor for project success. That’s why Labbe determines with you the most appropriate internals to achieve optimal performance.

Purification columns in the biogas sector

The distillation columns are key equipment in the purification and purification process of biogas and CO2.

The biogas purification columns allow to separate impurities present in the raw gas, such as humidity, organic acids, and sulfur compounds. These impurities can harm the performance of equipment used to convert biogas into energy, so it is essential to eliminate them before using the gas.

Distillation columns use techniques such as condensation and dehydration to separate impurities.
The CO2 purification columns are used to separate pure carbon dioxide from gas mixtures containing CO2. Pure CO2 is used in many industries, such as the production of carbonated drinks, refrigeration, and gas bottling.

Purification columns use techniques such as vacuum distillation or membrane separation to separate pure CO2 from other gases present in the mixture.

Labbe Process Equipment offers a complete range of process equipment for the purification and purification of biogas and CO2, including custom-designed columns tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer.