Heat exchanger Compalex®

Chaudronnerie Inox et alliages nickel

Labbe Process Equipment, your manufacturer of heat exchanger compalex®

Welded plates heat exchanger Compalex® proposed by Labbe have high thermal performances with optimized product flow velocity, minimized pressure drop and reduced space area.

For example, welded plates condensers Compalex® are used to condensate vapors thanks to water or cooling medium going through the plates.

COMPA LABBE 1 300x60Echange Chaleur Double Enveloppe Matelasse 300x92



Technical specifications of COMPALEX NEU DN300 x 950 condenser type :

  • Used for gas/liquid applications
  • Heat exchange area up to 4,5 m²
  • Liquid flow rate up to 35 m3/h
  • Maximum gas pressure up to 10 bar
  • Maximum liquid pressure up to 10 bar
  • Manufactured in stainless steel and nickel alloys according to PED 97/2/CE
  • Thermal design according client specifications
  • French manufacturing in our workshop
  • Plot space : 1300 x 600 x 600 mm
  • Weight : 200 kg

Condenseur COMPA LABBE 300x139

Please contact us at +33 (0)1 64 42 53 53 for a design according to your specifications

Labbe also design and manufacture tubular heat exchangers (condensers, boilers, heaters, coolers, evaporators,…).

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