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Storage tank is an equipment tailor made designed and manufactured within Labbe workshop. Wecan propose you : simple jacket storage tanks or double jacket storage tanks.

The company Labbe proposes storage solutions for any liquid chemical product, solid or gaseous, corrosive or not. Manufactured according to your process needs, storage tank enable to store and contain corrosive products in security.

The tanks are made in :

  • Stainless Steel 304l, 316L, 316Ti, 321, 310S,
  • Duplex U45N, U35N,
  • Uranus B6,
  • Nickel Alloy C22, C276, C2000

Also, for some specific applications, Labbe proposes Inconel, Monel and titanium material.

Storage tank is an atmospheric tank usually with a small thickness, contrary to pressure vesselLabbe proposes all finishing types (polishing, electro polishing) for your different applications: food storage, chemical storage, pharmaceutical storage…

Labbe Process Equipment answers to all of your industrial constraints offering you storage tanks according to your regulations : ATEX, SEVESO, FDA, and ANIA.


Since its foundation in 1948, Labbe has been specialized in stainless steel manufacturing. It has been at the forefront of technical innovation adapting its know how to markets needs. Labbe Process Equipment designs and manufactures process equipments using highly developped engineering technologies. But also the latest calculation softwares. This development policy has been the basis of its success since its foundation.