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Labbe Process Equipment : June 2019 productions Continuous manufacturing for many productions Thanks to our 15.000 m² industrial workshop and our integrated design office, we... Read More
Tubular exchangers Labbe Process Equipment A true expert in heat exchangers, Labbe Process Equipment designs and manufactures tubular exchangers. Very common in the industry, these... Read More
Heat exchangers Labbe Process Equipment Labbe Process Equipment is an expert company in design and manufacture of heat exchanger. For more than 70 years we... Read More
Distillation column Labbe Process Equipment What are the distillation columns used for ? The distillation columns also called rectification column are elements of the still.... Read More
Dimpled jacket tanks Labbe Process Equipment What is a dimpled jacket tank ? The dimpled jacket tanks are stainless steel equipment used to store raw... Read More
Labbe Process Equipment: your heat exchangers manufacturer Welded plate exchanger Weplex®, which principle? Welded plate exchanger Weplex® proposes high thermal performances and whose purpose is... Read More
ECONOMIZER ECOFINEX, FINNED TUBES HEAT EXCHANGER Minimizing energy consumption is today a financial and environmental aspect in all industries. In order to improve energy efficiency, Labbe... Read More
PED, pressure equipment : design and manufacturing PED 2014/68/CE applies to all pressure equipment (boilers, tanks, piping, pressure accessories, safety equipment) having a pressure higher than 0,5 bar.... Read More
Labbe design and manufacture pillow plates with laser welding technology. Labbe manufacture vessels, reactors and heat exchangers with pillow plates for many applications: milk, water, winery and any... Read More