La société Labbe Process Equipment, spécialiste avec plus de 70 ans d'expérience conçoit et fabrique des échangeurs tubulaires. Ces derniers sont à tubes ou bien à calandre.
FINNED TUBES EXCHANGERS-ECONOMIZERS ECOFINEX® Labbe Process Equipment proposes a range of finned tubes exchangers-Economizers Ecofinex®. In order to improve energy efficiency, Labbe has developed economizers which recover energy from flue... Read More
SHELL & TUBES HEAT EXCHANGERS LABBE PROCESS EQUIPMENT Shell and tubes heat exchangers are a specialty of Labbe Process Equipment. Indeed for more than 70 years, Labbe has been designing and manufacturing shell... Read More
WEPLEX®: WELDED PLATES HEAT EXCHANGER Welded plates heat exchanger Weplex® is a specialty of Labbe Company. Indeed, Labbe Process Equipment proposes a range of welded plates heat exchangers Weplex® with cubic frame.... Read More
COMPALEX®: WELDED PLATES HEAT EXCHANGERS Welded plates heat exchanger Compalex® is dimensioned and manufactured by Labbe Process Equipment. The heat exchanger has excellent performance. Labbe Process Equipment... Read More
ERECTION ON SITE OF YOUR PROCESS EQUIPMENT Labbe Process Equipment expertise Labbe Process Equipment  works from the design on the erection on site of our clients.... Read More
PICKLING AND PASSIVATION OF YOUR PROCESS EQUIPMENT Labbe Process Equipment is able to carry out the pickling and passivation of your devices. In order to offer the best... Read More
LABBE PROCESS EQUIPMENT Since its foundation in 1948, Labbe Process Equipment has been specialized in design and manufacturing of stainless steel process equipment. Labbe masters also all the... Read More
POLISHING : LABBE EXPERTISE Polishing is a manufacturing stage of Stainless Steel or Nickel Alloy process equipment. The aim is to obtain a good appearance and a finishing surface of a... Read More
LABBE PROCESS EQUIPMENT, WELDING EXPERTISE Labbe Process Equipment carries on a sustained investments policy integrating regularly automatic welding machines.  This, in order to ensure the highest quality... Read More
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